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The role of pharmacists in times of pandemics : An Interactive Session

19 Apr Monday
9 : 00 PM Dubai (GMT +4)
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Documentation for this webinar is presented to the Dubai Health Authority and CPD standards
For Pharmacists, Soft skills

The role of pharmacists in times of pandemics : An Interactive Session

In cooperation with Dr Nadir Kheir and Dr Sanah Hasan


9 PM Dubai time , 7 PM Cairo time

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world and forced a new normal in all aspect of life. Governments, businesses, and people suffered the onslaught that left them confused, helpless, and saddened. The pandemic caused loss of life and livelihood, and destroyed some economies beyond repair. But the most impact of the pandemic was on the people’s health and quality of life. Healthcare workers were tested beyond their capabilities, and this brought about new challenges that call for health care practitioners to embark on new roles. Pharmacists are expected to face the challenge and they have to find their place in the fight against pandemics.

This session will provide an opportunity to explore what pharmacy practitioners perceive their new roles in times of pandemics to be. DR. Sanah Hasan and DR. Nadir Kheir will lead an interactive session designed to open opportunities for pharmacists to learn, and teach each other from their experience in these trialing times .

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Target audience:

  • Retail pharmacists,
  • Pharmacists, Pharmacy heads,
  • Pharmacy managers.
  • Clinical pharmacists

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this lectures, the participants will be able to:

  1. Share thoughts about the impact of COVID-19 on practice
  2. Discuss challenges faced and opportunities created during the pandemic
  3. Learn how pharmacist could (or should) modify their practice, training, and roles to become effective members of the health care team in times of pendemics
Author 1 / 2

Dr Sanah Hasan

Associate Professor - College of Pharmacy - Ajman University

Author 2 / 2

Dr Nadir Kheir

Professor -College of Pharmacy -Ajman University

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