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Workshop: Smoking cessation 1

08 Dec Wednesday
6 : 00 PM Dubai (GMT +4)
It's over
All participants of the event get a webinar record "Role of Community Pharmacists in Smoking Cessation" by Dr. Hamzah Alzubaidi as a gift!
For Pharmacists, For Doctors, Soft skills, Hard skills

Webinar Talk: Workshop: Smoking cessation 1

Time & date: 08 December 2021. 18:00 GMT+4

Webinar overview:

Smoking cessation and nicotine de-addictions market is expected to gain market growth in the forecast period of 2020 to 2027. This training workshop is designed for healthcare professionals of all levels who currently support patients in smoking cessation or who would like to develop smoking cessation initiatives in own-practice.

Participants will be grouped into 5-6 individuals to work together.


  • These webinars, are highly interactive, with mutual dialogue and collaborative learning opportunities, and discussions will focus on meeting participants' needs and desired outcomes.
  • The day ends with developing a personal action plan to support improving the smoking cessation environment in individual practice.

Goals of this webinar are:

By the end of Session 1 the participants will be able to:

  • Explain why it is so important to quit smoking
  • Use strategies to support behavior change
  • Make brief clinical interventions for the following: (1) those who are willing to quit, (2) those who are unwilling to quit at the time of the discussion, and (3) smokers who have already quit.
  • Intervene for those willing to quit to effectively with the “Five A's” 

Target audience:

  • Physicians
  • Clinical Pharmacists
  • Pharmacists
  • General medical practice

Learning objects:

The program is divided into two special webinars dedicated to:

  • Deliberating on the importance of quitting smoking
  • Identifying the Impact of Health-Care Providers on facilitating smoking cessation
  • Physiological effects of tobacco
  • Discussing ways to support behavioral change
  • Devising pharmacological options available to patients
  • Individualizing patient smoking behavioral management and pharmacologic therapy

Don't forget to sign up for the second day of the workshop here.

Author 1 / 2

Dr Sanah Hasan

Author 2 / 2

Dr Hamza Al Zubaidi

Assistant Professor PhD in Pharmacy Practice

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