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Preparing your pharmacy for electronic prescriptions

27 Oct Tuesday
3 : 00 PM Dubai (GMT +4)
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For Pharmacists, Soft skills, Hard skills

Webinar Talk: Preparing your pharmacy for electronic prescriptions

Time & date: 27 October 2020. 15:00 GMT+4

Webinar overview:

The current situation with COVID 19 and its restrictions on community movements have highlighted the great need MENA has for electronic prescriptions. By using it in medical practice it will allow pharmacists to manage prescriptions from distant electronically which in short-term will increase convenience and improve the medical safety. 

During the webinar( Preparing your pharmacy for electronic prescriptions ) with Dr Hanan selim we will discuss how to apply the electronic prescriptions to daily practice routine, and how it can be an alternative option to paper prescriptions.

Goals of this webinar are:

1) Provide an overview of an electronic prescriptions 

2)Describe its core features for pharmacists and their staff and how it will be available in short-term

3) Describe how to apply it in daily practice routine

4) Outline the organizations requirements for applying the E

Target audience:

  • Retail pharmacists
  • Pharmacists, Pharmacy heads
  • Pharmacy managers.
  • Clinical pharmacists

Dr Hanan Selim

Clinical pharmacist Motivational Speaker

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