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Educational marketing as an effective tool for medicine promotion on the MENA market

11 Aug Tuesday
2 : 00 PM Dubai (GMT +4)
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Documentation for this webinar is presented to the Dubai Health Authority and CPD standards


11 August 2020 


Target audience:

Employees from pharmaceutical companies



Nowadays MENA pharmaceutical producers promoting medicine and brands face challenges that can’t be solved by common methods. 


Huge number of pharmacies and hospitals in the region are leaders and hold a large market share, wholesalers promote similar medicines, high degree of information noise and wide range of drugs complicate pharmacists’ choice. Pharmaceutical manufacturers can’t entirely control medical representative’s work and manage its efficiency. 


So, what tools can help pharmaceutical companies to solve these problems and increase drugs sales? 


On the 11 of August, a pharma entrepreneur and a business developer of MENA Pharma Courses Elena Vatutina will share business cases and tell about working tools for effective collaboration with pharmacists audience in live broadcast. During this webinar, we will discuss: 

  • Current atmosphere for pharmaceutical producers in MENA: how they promote their medicines and what problems they face  
  • Why educating pharmacies is important for pharmaceutical companies: statistics, data, clarification 
  • Online educational marketing: webinars, researches, key concepts, communication chains 
  • PharmaCourses platform opportunities: cases from our practice
  • How a pharmaceutical company can increase its sales by  educating its employees: examples
  • How we run a webinar: stages, details, technical capabilities of the webinar platform 


We will raffle 1 free webinar for a pharmaceutical companies with the opportunity to deliver a lecture and to integrate a medicine into its content among all participants . 


Elena Vatutina

Executive business developer Pharma.Courses MENA

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