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Prevention of Chronic Kidney Diseases

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Webinar Talk : CKD Prevention & Management.

Time & date : 24th September 2019. 18:00 GMT+3

Talk Needs :

  • Rapid climb in Prevalence of CKD in view of increasing age of world population.
  • Emerging research data over the last decades showing that CKD is only “the tip of the iceberg “for wider health problems.
  • The enormous cost of end-stage kidney disease treatments 
  • Appreciation of CKD impact on other major health factors like cardiovascular disease among others.
  • Recent advances in effective measures to prevent CKD progression.


Talks Aim:

  • Define CKD and its stages and to understand the tools of its timed diagnosis.
  • To Increase awareness of situations and identify categories of population in which early screening will help to target prevention and early treatment measures.
  • How to Identify and achieve goals of treatment in high-risk patients with DM, HTN and CVD.
  • Complications of CKD and how to approach and treat.
  • When to refer a patient with CKD for expert opinion “ to nephrologist”
  • Medication to avoid/ modify dose in patients with CKD.


Talk Plan:

18:00-18:50 talk.

18:50-19:00 discussion (Q&A).


Question for a candidate to think of (after the talk):

  • If your patient has eGFR of 65 ml/min, does this mean that he definitely has CKD?
  • What is the most common inherited condition for CKD and how is it diagnosed?
  • At which CKD stage/stages do we need closer monitoring of patients?
  • What are the targets treatment for HTN and DM in CKD patients?
  • Which modalities of treatment for end-stage renal disease do you know of?

Dr Adham Alshami

Doctor in Nephrology Sheffield Kidney institute UK . UK Graduation : Vitebsk Medical University - Belarus Qualifications: MBBCh Vitebsk Medical University- 1992. MRCP UK Medicine- 2006 MRCP UK Nephrology -2011.

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