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  • 6 Months
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Common Childhood Illnesses Treatment

  • 24 May Tuesday

  • For Pharmacists
  • For Doctors
  • Soft skills

Course Overview

Course Format: Recorded 

Educational Language: English

Course Classes: 4

Accreditation Status: Under accreditation in CPD Standards



During this course we will discuss some of the most common childhood illnesses and their approved treatments. The treatments discussed in this course based on scientific evidence and best practices. However, there may be reasons why pediatrician has different recommendations child diseases which will be discussed during the course we will discuss what the other options the pediatricians have if the child has an ongoing medical condition or allergy. We will discuss any variations in treatment. 



 Objective of this Course:

This course will demonstrate 4 different topics for most 4 common childhood illnesses, after the course you will be able to deal with different pediatrics diseases, with different conditions, to diagnose and manage the child and we will discuss special issues in diagnosis childhood illnesses.

Assessment and Management of Pediatrics Asthma
Highlight on Some Respiratory Tract Infections


Understanding Nocturnal Enuresis and Achieving Dry Nights
Otitis Media and Allergic Rhinitis in Children

  1. Internal Medicine, GP
  2. Pediatricians
  3. Clinical Pharmacists
  4. Pharmacists

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